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What do you think of the new CNN iPhone & iPad apps?

By Etan Horowitz, CNN Mobile Editor
February 25, 2014

On Tuesday, we released updates to our CNN apps for the iPhone and iPad. 

The home screen of the new version of the CNN iPad app 

You can download the new versions from the App Store or go directly to 
this link for the iPhone and this link for the iPad. Many of these updates are based on user feedback, so thank you for your comments. At the end of this article, you can give your opinion on the new features by voting in polls and also leaving comments. You can also e-mail your comments to iphone@cnn.com, ipad@cnn.com or tweet a comment or question to @CNNMobile.

Here's a quick look at what you can do with some of the new standout features:
  • Watch & read articles with video

    Many articles have videos at the top of them. In the past, you had to choose if
    you wanted to see the video or read the article.
     With our new watch-and-read
    feature, you can look at a video and read an article at the same time.
    perfect for multitaskers.

    Just tap on a video and then scroll down the page to read the article. As you
    scroll down, the video player will get smaller, but the video will keep
    Scroll back up to the top of the article to enlarge the video player again. 

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  • Watch and read on the CNN iPad app

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  • Watch and read on CNN iPhone app

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  • Swipe through full-screen photo galleries in portrait and landscape.

    Our users love to swipe through amazing photo galleries on everything from travel hot spots to celebrities to recent protests in Venezuela and Ukraine.

    We've heard from users who wanted an easier way to swipe through galleries and read photo captions in our iPhone app. So we've added the ability to view photo galleries in full screen in both portrait and landscape modes. By default, the caption on each photo is hidden, so you can just tap on the photo to bring up and read the caption. To view a gallery in full screen, tap the expand icon in the upper right-hand corner. 
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  • Full-screen galleries on iPhone app

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  • Scan stories more easily on the iPhone.

    In December, we released an app update that introduced several size displays for stories in the home section and all other sections. We then heard from many users that they found it difficult to scan sections quickly to find articles to read. As a result, we revamped the size of the story displays in our new iPhone app version. Now each section has two story sizes: a bigger size for a section’s top story and a smaller one for all other stories. Each of the smaller stories includes a headline and a thumbnail photo (when one is available). 
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  • Get quicker access to live streams of CNN and HLN TV

    Since 2011, you’ve been able to watch a live stream of CNN and HLN TV in our iPhone and iPad apps. After the last update to our apps in December, some users mistakenly thought we had removed the ability to watch the CNN and HLN live streams. We heard your feedback and have made it easier to access the live streams for CNN and HLN.  

    On the iPad, you can always access live streams by tapping on the red "WatchCNN" button in the upper right-hand corner of the home screen. 

    On both the iPhone and iPad, you can access live streams at any time by opening up the app navigation and choosing "Watch CNN" from the "TV" menu. You will find both the CNN and HLN streams here. 

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  • Watch live CNN or HLN TV on iPad app

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  • Watch live CNN & HLN on CNN iPhone app

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